Opportunities to make decisions in a real situation without the fear of failure.

Simulations vary greatly in form and the learning outcome they target. They are best used for procedural knowledge and decision making skills.

Software Simulation

When work is software dependent, software simulations can give hands on practice to learners in a sand box, with all the functionalities and features as in real software.

Operational and Process Simulations

Technical tasks that require usage of various tools like physical tools, objects, communication, transactions, events or any permutation of them in a set or predictable sequence, can be easily simulated for learners, they get to test their knowledge of the process, identify and use right tools for the current step in the process, and develop a robust systematic understanding of the process which prepares them better for the real world.

See Example of how we used  Simulation of product assembly that saved millions for the company’s service department and empowered their customers to handle predictable issues

Leadership Simulations

Becoming a team leader or taking on a new role is a challenging undertaking with predictable obstacles and proven techniques to handle them. Our leadership simulations will mirror the events of the real world with possible courses of action and give feedback instantly, decreasing the learning time as compared to learning on the real job, get perfected in right way of doing things in people and business situations and be prepared better.

See Examples

Giving Feedback 

Emotion Intelligence