On-boarding Gamification  

Deliver Superior New Hire Learning Engagement , Fire up Healthy Competition

Revolutionize New Employee Orientation & 

Onboarding Experience with Gamification!

Stronger Employer Branding

Better Engaged    Learners  

Scalable, On-Demand Experience

Access Across all Devices 

Milestone Based Progress 

Avatar Selection for  Gender Diversity

Leaderboard for Igniting Competition 

Unlimited Obstacles and Challenges 

Learn Tech Gamification System Helps HCL Reduce New Hire 

Onboarding time from 10 Days to a Zero


Gamified New Hire Experience from Learn Tech has really captured the imagination of our new hires. It provided high-quality engagement and recall and enabled our vision to better manage onboarding.”.

Saurbah Kapoor Training Lead HCL

Develop Custom Gamification Theme 

As a Full stack Design Studio we help you Create the Theme that will capture the essence of your unique company culture, business, vision, mission. check out some examples below.

Bhag Milkha Bhag - Gamification in Learning
Island Challenge - Gamification in Learning
Car Racing Game - Gamification in Learning

On-Demand  Webinar

 for Training Leaders

Gamification in E-Learning

Examples of gamification in action, Power up your learning intervention with Off the Roof !! Engagement 

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Want to Design your Gamification Experience?

Speak to Aman, Author of Best Rated Book on Gamification on Amazon Kindle Store. Recognized as top 25 most promising L&D consultants in India 

 Aman has helped over 40 Organizations design their innovative learning experiences.

Learn Tech 

The Learning Design Studio

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What Customers Say About Working with Learn Tech!

Slide Learn Tech has time and again delighted us with their service delivery. They bring to the table clear understanding of the business requirement, outstanding design capabilities across many domains, out of the box -innovate solution design. I recommend LearnTech to all serious L&D leaders. Kamal Preet Singh Chawla, Associate Vice President - Corporate HR Slide Aman brings tremendous passion to the table and not only is this rare, it is also heartening. He and his team went out of the scope to deliver cutting edge solutions not only on one but each of the projects on which we collaborated. He is an absolute delight to work with Hardeep Singh, Deputy General Manager - Human Resources-USHA Slide We believe that we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the specific knowledge, skills and flexibility that LearnTech team brought into the project. Everyone here believes that the experience of working with you was fantastic. Sriram Kunnathur, Director Learning & Development – Sapient Nitro Slide Overall we saw professional collaboration, great design & understanding of our requirements, great teamwork , quick development cycle, great service and an international product delivery. Gandharvi Nadkarni, Director Trainings – Dunnhumby Slide Team at LearnTech, really took the time to understand our business in a way that far exceeds all other agencies we have dealt with. The Module has been appreciated by all our Technical and Non technical staff, even our counterparts from other countries. I can say that * module was the best E learning that I have done in years Gaurav Panwar, Training Lead - Ericsson India Pvt Ltd. Slide Gamified New Hire experience from learnTech has really captured the imagination of our new hires, provided high quality engagement & recall and enabled our vision to better manage on-boarding. Saurabh Kapoor, Training Lead- HCL Infosystems Slide Aman is a very committed and creative person who believes in going extra miles to deliver customer delight. Partnered with him on a very challenging book design project and Aman & team did an awesome job! Aman has an eye-for-detail and is always brimming with ideas to make Honey Dave, Assistant General Manager at USHA International Ltd learning solutions more effective and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I convert my classroom training to Gamified Training

My Company does not  have an LMS, can I still use the Gamification Training?

Will this Gamification Training work with my existing LMS?

If we convert our existing training how much saving in time and money will I make

How Long does it take to create a Gamification Module ?

Onboarding Gamification System is better solution than 

Traditional Delivery of New Employee Orientation on all fronts..

Watch the Story of Kris, a Training Manager 

He wants to make a difference by making training an enabler to business!

It makes Sense to Convert Classroom Induction 

Training to Digital Onboarding Gamification

This is how two approaches fare on critical parameters

Classroom Training

On-demand Delivery
Consistent Learner Experience
Employer Branding
Measurable Results
Learner Engagement

Gamified Onboarding

On - Demand Delivery
Consistent Learner Experience
Employer Branding
Measurable Results
Learner Engagement

Training Leaders

The Gamification System

Here is Why:

True Scalable Solution

Use the same the me across trainings.
Build consistent visual metaphor across your messaging.

Immersive Experience

Achieve More Learning Engagement

*Scores* Progress * Badges


Drive Competition & Engagement with ease

    Sort by Score

Identify Top Performers

Recognize and Reward

Gender Sensitive

Show that you Respect Diversity !
System is designed for equal representation

Convert Classroom New Hire Induction to Hybrid Onboarding 

Calculate Return on Investment

Take the Guess Work Out ! Get the Real Savings for your company.

That’s True ! This system will pay for itself and start making money for you within a YEAR.

You make massive savings for the company and achieve measurable results!!



 Hours saved


Money saved

*Assumption : 40 New hires/Quarter attending 10 days orientation

Calculate exactly

how much money you will save 

Quick Build & Deployment

Go Live Within a Month!

Our template have been perfected to suit various requirements.


Content Maintenance is Free For 1 year 

Any Changes in  Sales Figures , Organization Charts ,Awards & Recognition etc. we have you covered.

Free Fully Featured LMS

Gamification system comes free with fully featured, App Based LMS

Manage the show from one window and get Intuitive reports on completion, attempt , scores etc.

Seal of Learn Tech

One of a kind design studio dedicated to learning design.

We help you create business impact! and get the biggest bang for your Buck!!

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