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How to Apply Gamification to Classroom Training?

How to Apply Gamification to Classroom Training?Read the 9 Super Tips!If you are a training manager or a business leader who has to engage his teams for learning purposes through classroom delivery, then this is [...]

Gamification Examples

Top 10 Examples of GamificationLearn about the organizations that have implemented GamificationOrganizations have accepted Gamification with open arms and earning huge profits from it. A term which seemed skeptical has ensured organizations a learning culture [...]

Free Logos & Badges for Gamification Initiative

Free Logos & Badges for Gamification InitiativeLaunching your Gamification Program requires some special skills. One of them is communicating your story with visuals. Translate concepts to something tangible - visually, like the visual identity of [...]

Gamification Elements-Motivation-Psychological Perspective

Drivers of Motivation and Gamification How Gamification elements motivate and engage learners - A Psychological PerspectiveGamification is the newly accepted norm in the Learning and Development field. Though many question the authenticity that gamification claims to offer- [...]

Gamification Elements and Employee Motivation

How Gamification Elements Drive Employee Motivation?Top 7 Gamification Elements That You Need To Know AboutGamification has triggered a mass following among L&D professionals and Training Leaders. Organizations are finally visualizing and reaping the benefits by applying [...]

Implementing Successful Gamification Program

Buzz to Bang! How to Implement a Successful Gamification Training in Your Organization?Training Leader's 5-Step Method to Deliver a Successful Gamification Training Campaign!Organization is a dynamic environment with multiple variables at play. It's important as [...]

When to Use Gamification?

Training Leader's Guide - When to Use Gamification?Top 4 Situation When You Should Turn to GamificationAs an L&D professional you might have faced this dilemma- is gamification a solution to every problem?As Training Leaders it [...]

Benefits of Gamification for Organization Trainings

Why are Training Leaders Choosing Gamification Over E-learning?Top 10 Benefits of GamificationGamification is quickly overtaking the plain vanilla e-learning. L&D professionals are realizing the art of choosing gamification to present their content in the most [...]

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