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[testimonials design=”clean” backgroundcolor=”#ffffff” textcolor=”#6b6b6b” random=”yes” class=”” id=””][testimonial name=”Kamal Preet Singh Chawla” avatar=”image” image=”http://learntech.in/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/KPS.jpg” image_border_radius=”round” company=”Associate Vice President – Corporate HR” link=”” target=”_self”]Learn Tech has time and again delighted us with their service delivery. They bring to the table clear understanding of the business requirement, outstanding design capabilities across many domains, out of the box -innovate solution design. I recommend LearnTech to all serious L&D leaders.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Hardeep Singh” avatar=”image” image=”http://learntech.in/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Hardeep.jpg” image_border_radius=”round” company=”Deputy General Manager – Human Resources-USHA ” link=”” target=”_self”]Aman brings tremendous passion to the table and not only is this rare, it is also heartening. He and his team went out of the scope to deliver cutting edge solutions not only on one but each of the projects on which we collaborated. He is an absolute delight to work with [/testimonial][testimonial name=”Sriram Kunnathur” avatar=”image” image=”http://learntech.in/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Sriram.jpg” image_border_radius=”round” company=”Director Learning & Development – Sapient Nitro” link=”” target=”_self”]We believe that we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the specific knowledge, skills and flexibility that LearnTech team brought into the project. Everyone here believes that the experience of working with you was fantastic. [/testimonial][testimonial name=”Gandharvi Nadkarni” avatar=”image” image=”http://learntech.in/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Gandahrvi.jpg” image_border_radius=”round” company=”Director Trainings – Dunnhumby” link=”” target=”_self”]Overall we saw professional collaboration, great design & understanding of our requirements, great teamwork , quick development cycle, great service and an international product delivery.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Gaurav Panwar” avatar=”image” image=”http://learntech.in/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Gaurav-300×300.jpg” image_border_radius=”round” company=”Training Lead – Ericsson India Pvt Ltd.” link=”” target=”_self”]Team at LearnTech, really took the time to understand our business in a way that far exceeds all other agencies we have dealt with. The Module has been appreciated by all our Technical and Non technical staff, even our counterparts from other countries. I can say that * module was the best E learning that I have done in years[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Saurabh Kapoor” avatar=”image” image=”http://learntech.in/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/saurabh4-300×300.jpg” image_border_radius=”round” company=”Training Lead- HCL Infosystems” link=”” target=”_self”]Gamified New Hire experience from learnTech has really captured the imagination of our new hires , provided high quality engagement & recall and enabled our vision to better manage on-boarding.[/testimonial][/testimonials]

Custom E Learning Development

Our specialty, create the most impactful digital learning experience with custom learning interactions /games/videos/scenarios/simulations.

Workshop /Intervention Design

Design best in class classroom program for your audience, Scalable, TTT ready with facilitator guide, participant handbook, pre-post evaluation, continuous learning plan, peer coaching structure, on job challenges and tracking.

Learning Management System

light weight,fully responsive, multi platform app based, custom reporting, create courses,quizzes and surveys.

Ready to go Training

Explore our best in class off the shelf digital learning courses 


 convert your learning content into a world class game, with challenges/obstacles/levels/progress/ scores/leaderboards/immersive storyline-explore more

Serious Games

play to learn: address more difficult to develop cognitive skills and abilities with game playing,based on psychological tests,advanced analytics to measure progress.

Business Leaders

looking to create massive impact in your ecosysystem? we can help, sign up for a free session.

Training Leaders

Create most engaging,result oriented training content for your teams designed to deliver measurable improvements.


Looking for the best in class vendor to manage your product design and delivery ,

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