Leadership Podcast: the New Frontier

of Leadership communication

Can there be a way to enable our leaders to build personal connect with every

team memberwhich can increase the overall connectedness of the organization?

How can leaders create influence with the evolving psycho graphics of today’s professionals?

Great Leaders- inspire, to get there they take the extra step of reaching

out to people and making a personal connect

Changing Business realities

Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous, that’s how we define our world characterized by

Shifting landscape, changing rules of the business, changing roles and responsibilities,

emerging technologies, there are dynamic forces at play.

In short, the world works differently than it

worked yesterday...

We are no more standing on firm ground choosing to take a stance, We are already in the

state of motion moving at high speeds of today’s business skyscape.

Evolution of Leadership Communication

Rigid structures of communication are rendered too limiting,Flexible and

fluid teams can only withstand and perform in this changing world

Organizations need a 'glue' to that binds all ,A

sense and sensation of connect from the

leadership to each and every foot on the


Why Formal Communication is Inadequate in Today’s Time!

"Boring, Formal, Safe, Politically correct,

Diplomatic, Hides controversies, Legal

sounding" …these are all the adjectives that

the new workforce uses when asked ‘what they

feel about the communication that leadership

uses in their organization’

For years now, Organization leadership has spoken to its people through formal methods like Dossier/Memo/Internal newsletters/Press release etc. it was great till the time Job was a place to go from 9 to 5.

Then the Millennials came into the picture and changed the rules of the game, now ones professional endeavor is a pursuit of passion, an extension of one’s mission.

This requires leadership to engage the new workforce using methods not used before.

These formal tools have served us its time, they are no more applicable

They can do everything for the employee like, clarify mandate, communicate policy, clarify any policy, and build trust in some cases to some extent. But....

Formal Communication cannot just do one

thing which is to build a personal connect.

Connect with Right Brain to Lead Emotionally.

Formal Communication talks to logic and reasoning, Leadership Podcast connects with the right brain,

the area where emotions are generated. It is this area where emotions lie.

People today want to get emotionally involved, they want to feel like part of the main team paying in the field, they want to feel connected and inspired.

It’s an opportunity for the leadership of organizations to step up to the new face of driving engagement and influence in their teams. In the medium that integrates with the life of the people. According to changing preference.

Too truly feel connected, we need a personal touch, a face who we can relate to,

 A guide who can help us constantly calibrate the actions and directions constantly.

Inspire our workforce like the soldiers in the front they have to breathe their mission to survive.

Winning Performance demands the highest level of teamwork.

When today’s time demands teamwork of the

highest level that requires employees to go

above and beyond. Which can only happen

when there is a deep level of connectedness

with the leader.

The Leadership Podcast system for driving a new level of communication.

A revolutionary system to enable the leaders in the organization to build a personal connect with their teams,

in a way that us Informal transparent, straight from the heart.

Delivered through a system that integrates with the lives of our people.

This is how it works :

Leaders can record a message/ video for the teams on their phone,

All employees stay updated with leadership communication. And consume the information

on his phone through the app. Audio / video.

Takes less than 10 minutes to craft and deliver your message, Give your leaders batman hotline to speak to their teams.

Supports Sophisticated moderation workflows before publishing.

Live events / commenting and feedback/

Team members can subscribe to a specific leader’s podcast, and stay updated with the episodes,

like comment, favorite them and consume this while traveling or free time.

The use case is endless...

Leadership Podcast is a channel for stories relevant for the business that includes the typical categories of formal communication, augmenting the formal communication process with rationale and personal stories adding a soul to all decisions the company takes.

•   Sharing how business is doing

•   Quarterly updates

•   New business developments

•   New policies and priorities

•   Rewards and recognition

•   New strategy communication.

What it can do is just limitless giving a more powerful tool to mobilize the people

and perception of your organization.

How Leadership Podcast Helps!

Increased communication and connectedness:

Podcasting system inherently (because of its structure) will increase the time people engage with their leadership listening to important information related to their business and job. As its delivered through Mobile app, that integrates it with current content consumption trend of today’s professionals.

2.   Opens up channels to Connect with the Right Brain and lead the workforce emotionally.

People today want to get emotionally involved, they want to feel connected and inspired.

3.   Builds a relationship through enhanced personal Connect with every team member. We develop affinity and aspiration towards one who we keep listening or watching to.

It’s a tool for the leaders to rub off the passion and commitment to every foot on the ground.

More at https://www.learntech.in/leadership-podcast-system.

What are your views on leveraging the medium of podcasting for leaders?

What kind of industries and companies do you think will benefit most from using this medium, please share your comments!!