Learn Tech offers Instruction Design Services as an integral part of E-learning Development and as stand-alone service.

Our skilled Instruction Designers with their knowledge of Adult Learning Principles and Instruction Design Methodologies with a focus on clear objective for the session create the architecture of the learning experience that will keep the learner engaged.

Skillful use of Videos, Animations, Decision Scenarios, Case Studies, Interactive Games, Activities and Quizzes ensure learner participation during the whole experience and guarantee better comprehension, retention and application of the concepts.


Our Instruction Design Services include the following components-

  1. We create an Architecture of learning experience. See Applications of Instruction Design
  2. We develop Storyboard and content to create a flow and sequence that best meets the learning outcome.
  3. We identify the various learning needs and design various learning objects.
  4. We Research & Recreate content that is specific to the audience profile.
  5. We develop Learning Interactions / Simulations / Scenarios / Assessments / Learning Games and Application for Learning Experience.
  6. We design various Learning Products such as PowerPoint Presentation, E-learning, Facilitator Guide, Participant Handbook, Reference Documents, Blogs, etc.