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Learn Tech

Off the Shelf E-Learning

Leadership development for New Managers 

Audience : New Managers /Team Leaders

8 Modules 

Compliance Training for New Professionals 

Audience : New Professionals at Shared Services/Back office/BPO/KPO

​13 Modules 

Professional Etiquettes for New Professionals 

Audience : New Professionals joining corporate organizations  

10 Modules 

Process Improvement  for Knowledge Professionals 

Audience : Knowledge Professionals at Shared Services/Back office/BPO/KPO

4 Modules 


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Built for the Modern workforce on common training needs of today’s businesses with free reporting system.

Convert your learning content into a world-class game with challenges, obstacles, levels, progress-based scores, leaderboards and immersive storyline.

​Think Improvement

Think Benchmarking

​Measure up against others-drive insights! 

Think Analytics

​Connect the dots in data

Think Technology

​Opportunities for technology integration

Think Best Practices

​Leverage combined intelligence

​Leadership Arsenal

LearnTech - Demo_Conducting Effective Meetings


 Effective Meetings

​​Bootcamp for professionals to conduct

effective meeting every-time.  

Preventing Sexual Harassment @ Workplace

​​The comprehensive training for understanding

and dealing with sexual harassment at workplace.

Facilitate Meetings Effectively

​​Learn the nuances meeting facilitation

​Conflict Management

​​Learn to deal with conflicts effectively at workplace

​Conducting Effective Interview

​​Learn the art of selecting the right candidate

​​Art of Assertiveness

​Learn the tact of asserting your way without offending others

​​Ace Any Interview

​​Learn the art of getting selected

​​Giving Effective Feedback

​Learn the art of getting people to sign up for change

​Etiquettes @ Work

Shop Floor Etiquettes

​Professional Presence

​Professional Dressing

​​Phone Etiquettes


​​Meeting Etiquettes

​​Eating & Cafeteria

​​Workplace Etiquettes

​​The Etiquettes Workshop

​​Dealing With People

Cab Etiquettes

​​Basics of Etiquettes

​Compliance Training

​Information Technology

​Information Security

​​​​​​​​​Gifts and Entertainment

​​​​​​​​Conflict of Interest

​​​​​​​Compliance Overview

​Charitable Contributions

​​​​​Business Partner

​​​​Books and Records

​Anti-Money Laundering


​Whistle Blowing

​Safe Working Environment

​Political Neutrality