We develop complete Learning Management System solution based on your learning needs on Moodle platform including Moodle theme and component development, so that you can make your own learning centre online and hassle free. We can also host the application on Learn Tech dedicated servers with 24 hours support. see benifits of Learning management systems

Why Moodle?

No licensing:  It’s an open source platform that means you don’t have to pay hefty renewal fee to any one.

Wide acceptability; tried and tested: Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System in the world. Any other LMS does not even comes close to the number of active users on Moodle.

Active support community: There is no end to the level of customization that can be achieved in Moodle given the biggest LMS support forum in the world, you will not have to pay a lot for custom development.

No dependence: Because Moodle is not a propriety application that means you are not stuck to one vendor all your life. Moodle can be configured and customized by people around the world.