Leverage the Power of  combined intelligence of teams to solve problems,Improve processes, Brain storm and achieve breakthrough in your business! 


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Innovation Coach ​

Ideas @ Work is a unique people intervention that engages the teams together, to focus on real problems, and come up with smart ideas to solve them.

Perfect for team buildings,Training workshop,process improvement initiatives ,Keynote etc.

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7 crazy examples  that will show that in todays times what  we  need, is not the resources / or the budgets or technology but ideas, that is ALL  all we need to achieve break through in challanges and business 

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Process Improvement & Innovation

Create the Bang  in your  the process improvement initiative : Get the team motivation get the boost of ideas

Aman’s Unique methodology is hands on –right now approach to innovation puts ideas on the table before the session ends.

Aman Deep Dubey 

Innovation Coach ​

Aman's Workshop Really reduced the time we would have allotted to teams to come up with ideas, the quality of ideas were fantastic 

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

•Learn to use Non linear , problem solving , systemic thinking ,out of the box tools, creativity & innovation tools,

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John Doe
UI/UX Designer